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PERUMIN Hub is the main open innovation program in the country aimed at seeking solutions to the great challenges of the minning sector through collaborative innovation. This program stems from the alliance between the IIMP and the Hub, institutions committed to open a route to position minning as a sector that not only innovates in community, but guides innovators by facilitating their growth, consolidation and comercial take-off.

In this second edition, minning companies not only identify, characterize and make their common challenges visible, but also, they include shared challenges with other key players in the sector. Information that allows innovators to reach to the minning sector with solid and mature proposals that clearly respond to the specific and real challenges of the sector.

The Organizers

The Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) has based its success and prestige on the technical contribution delivered over almost eight decades since its founding. Since then, the IIMP has set out to be the leading institution, bringing together the best professionals in the field to address the great challenges faced by the mining industry in a constantly changing environment. For the second year, the Peruvian Mining Innovation Hub (The Hub) has been called to lead the innovation program that will focus on the collaboration and active participation of mining companies.

The Hub is an initiative that has emerged from the mining companies themselves, in their search for a mechanism that facilitates innovation, promotes learning and collaborative work, as well as co-creation to address common challenges in the sector.

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