Lima, MARCH 10 2022 PERUMIN Hub: Public and private institutions collaborate to innovate in the mining sector

Allies are part of the open and collaborative innovation program of the Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú and the Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú

On March 10, the Instituto de Ingenieros de Minas del Perú (IIMP) and the Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú (Hub) launched the second edition of PERUMIN Hub, the main open and collaborative innovation program that seeks solutions to the great challenges of the mining sector.

Prior to the launch, during February, different spaces were generated such as conversations, workshops and meetings with the CEOs and decision makers of the 18 mining companies that are part of the program, as well as with experts from key institutions in the sector such as Minem, ANA, Osinergmin, Senamhi, Rimay Technical Group, H2 Perú, among others. This has made it possible to gather information to characterize and collect elements of value for the 11 challenges prioritized for this second edition of PERUMIN Hub.

"This year we have identified challenges that do not necessarily seek technological solutions, but rather innovative work models that generate shared value. From the work done we see that there are many common pains between business, the State, and other actors, which can only be addressed if we work collaboratively," said Pamela Antonioli, general manager of the Hub.

PERUMIN Hub is structured in three stages: challenges, matchmaking, and contest. The program is currently in the second stage, where innovators, technology providers, researchers, etc. will have free access to two matchmaking platforms. The first seeks to promote the connection between national and international innovators to complement strengths in their proposal, while the second will allow potential participants to validate their proposal with professionals from the 18 participating mining companies, who will provide feedback for the next stage: the contest.


PERUMIN Hub, the main open innovation program of the mining sector in the country, was born from the alliance between the IIMP and the Hub, institutions that seek a route that allows to position mining as an innovative sector through the facilitation, growth, consolidation, and commercial take-off of innovations that respond to the challenges of the industry.    

To date, 18 mining companies and more than 40 partners from different countries, including Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Israel, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, South Africa, and Switzerland, have participated. The best proposals of the third stage of the program will have a presentation space at the PERUMIN 35 Mining Convention, to be held in September 2022.

"Mining is a challenging activity in multiple aspects: exploration, safety management, operational, commercial, environmental, telecommunications, logistics, etc. That is why we are calling on the communities of innovators, from various fields and industries, so that with their vision and talent they can contribute to the development of our industry and see in it an opportunity for professional and business development," said Victor Gobitz, president of the IIMP.

It's important to mention that, beyond the contest and its 8-month duration, a portfolio will be created with the most outstanding innovations in the process, which will be disseminated to the network of companies in the industry. This portfolio will be monitored and supported by the Hub to showcase the various innovation proposals and maintain the rapprochement between innovators and companies.

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