Mining has evolved over the past years, taking up challenges that make it sustainable over time. The sustainability of our industry is based on the human need for minerals and metals, present in practically all activities, but it is mainly on the capacity of our mining industry to evolve towards better practices that imply greater productivity, permanent improvement of processes, application of technology and innovation, reduction of the carbon footprint, environmental protection, the development of its social environment and with increasing incidence of inclusion policies.

Our industry is, thus, being closely watched by the authorities and society altogether. And that is why it requires value proposals and testimonies of success to undertake permanent improvement in all its fields and adjust to the new requirements that will enable it to become a leading sector.

At PERUMIN 35 Mining Convention we are taking up this challenge and renewing our full disposition to provide its participants with all the proper tools to promote cross-cutting research and scientific production through the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum – TIS Forum.

In the current edition, the TIS Forum will have four exclusive rooms for the simultaneous presentation of the technical studies corresponding to the different disciplines and work fields connected to mining. Each work will be presented by its respective authors and the best of all will receive the National Mining Award.

In addition, the TIS Forum will bring together a broad group of national and foreign experts with outstanding background in the mining industry, to talk about their academic projects focused on geology and exploration, mining operations, mining economy, environmental and social management, processing of minerals, legal and tax issues and research and technology.

The TIS Forum will also add to its activities keynote lectures by guest specialists and coaching sessions to strengthen communication skills for the professionals applying for the National Mining Award.

We must point out that the TIS Forum is an initiative of our Organizing Committee consisting of 19 professionals representing all segments of knowledge applicable to the extractive mining industry.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Invitation to present Technical Works at the TIS Forum for the National Mining Award is still open. The deadline to submit work briefs is March 31, 2022 directly to the email:

We thank you for your kind attendance to the TIS Forum. We look forward to seeing you there.

Ing. Roberto MaldonadoPresident of the Forum for Technology, Innovation and Sustainability – TIS FORUM

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