Unique space that will bring together experts from the mining-energy sector, who will share their vision about the future of the country energy and will known more
about the challenge and opportunities that the energy transition represents in Peru.

Welcome to PERUMIN's Energy Summit

The world is constantly changing, and humanity has demonstrated its ability to always adapt to new energy models, for example, shifting from wood to coal in the nineteenth century or from coal to oil in the twentieth century. Today, our commitment to protecting the environment requires us to strive for an energy transition in a very short period of time. Therefore, we must continue to work hand in hand and guarantee energy security for the country's mining and industrial development, relying on national strategies and technologies that promote this change.

To become a carbon neutral country by 2050, Peru, a mining country, has the ambition to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 30% to 40% by 2030. The transition towards clean energy implies a greater demand for minerals, making the mining industry a strategic ally in driving the energy transition.

Our country has a key source to further provide efficiency and reliability to the national power system in order to achieve the transition process: natural gas. Another advantage of Peru is its enormous potential to generate renewable energy and green hydrogen.

Not only does our country have the capacity to be carbon neutral by 2050, but it can also export clean energy through hydrogen, generating a new industry with economic diversification, innovation, injection of new skills and job creation. Mining will undoubtedly be leading this change in Peru.

You are invited to attend the Energy Summit, which will be held on Tuesday, September 27, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm to learn more about the challenge and opportunities of the energy transition in Peru. In this unique space we will bring together experts from the mining and energy sector, who will share their vision of the future of the country's energy. For additional information, please download the program here.

Rosa María Flores-Araoz

Daniel Cámac




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