Lima, MAY 13 2022 Mining innovation contest PERUMIN Hub starts on May 17

From May 17 to July 18, innovative proposals will be able to apply to PERUMIN Hub, the country’s most important open innovation program aiming at finding solutions to the great challenges of the mining sector through collaborative innovation.

The announcement was made by Pía Torres, senior project executive of the Peruvian Mining Innovation Hub, at Mining Thursday, an event organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers. During the application phase, innovators will submit their solutions to respond to the challenges of 19 mining companies.

“On PERUMIN’s website, contestants will be able to go through the rules, prepare their application, and fill out a form where they will submit their proposal,” she said.

After the application process comes the evaluation phase, where a first selection will take place with the help of allies. Next, the finalists will be selected with the help of mining companies. The finalists will then present their solutions at PERUMIN 35, a face-to-face event that will be held in Arequipa from September 26 to 30, 2022.

PERUMIN Hub has three stages: 1) challenges, 2) connection, and 3) contest. The connection stage has two free platforms: Matchmaking 1 and Matchmaking 2.

On Matchmaking 1, national and international innovators will be able to contact one another to share their technological, technical, and commercial strengths and expertise in the sector, among others. This platform will be open until this upcoming July 18.

“We also have Matchmaking 2, which has already closed. Mining companies used it to give feedback to innovators,” mentioned Pía Torres.

22 Innovative Solutions

Pía Torres underlined the fact that PERUMIN Hub is more than just a contest. It is an innovation platform that seeks to create real connections. In 2021, a report of initiatives was prepared and, as a result, 22 solutions managed to catch the attention of at least one mining company.

“That means that at least one mining company raised its hand and said, ʻI want to know more about this solution; I want a more well-grounded proposalʼ,” she added. She pointed out that of these 22 solutions, 12 were initiatives to be validated, and 10 were validated solutions.


PERUMIN Hub is the most important open innovation program of the Peruvian mining sector. It was born from the alliance between IIMP and the Hub, two institutions looking for a path that will lead to the positioning of mining as an innovative sector through facilitation, growth, consolidation, and commercial takeoff of innovations that respond to the challenges facing the industry.

To date, 19 mining companies and over 40 allies in different countries—among which are Germany, Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, Mexico, Korea, South Africa, and Switzerland—are taking part in PERUMIN Hub. The best proposals at the third stage of the program will be presented at PERUMIN 35th Mining Convention to be held in September 2022.

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