PERUMIN Inspires Award for social enterprises with impact in the Peruvian highlands

"We believe in the synergy between social entrepreneurs and the extractive sector to strengthen the sustainable development of the andean communities. ‘PERUMIN INSPIRA’ is the ideal platform to achieve it."

Jimena Sologuren - President PERUMIN Inspires

Welcome to the third edition of PERUMIN Inspira!

PERUMIN Inspira is a contest promoted by a three-way alliance among the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), CIP – One CGIAR and Kunan. Its objective is to acknowledge and support the most outstanding social startups meant to operate in towns located above 500, 2,000 and 3,000 m.a.s.l. addressing challenges closely related to six of the SDGs of the United Nations, namely: end of poverty; zero hunger; health and welfare; clean water and sanitation; decent work and economic growth; and climate action.   PERUMIN Inspira aims to showcase these efforts and build bridges among mining companies and social entrepreneurs, thereby becoming a platform to articulate and leverage these initiatives, as well as generate sustainable development.

In May 2023, the fourth edition of this contest will be launched. The evaluation criteria are the relevance of the issue addressed in relation to the aforementioned SDGs, the sustainability of the startup, the impact, the innovation of the proposal, replicability, and team members. This effort would not be possible without our allies, among which are KAMAN business incubator of Universidad Católica de San Pablo, Poderosa, Orica and ADN Partners, who make it possible to recognize the winning startups with different prizes.

AWARD 2022


High-Impact entrepreneurship

This category will recognize ongoing social entrepreneurship, that is, engaged in activities involving their target beneficiaries (clients or users) since at least six months before applying for the award. They must present and document a component of innovation, impact and commercial activities aimed at clients other than the extractive companies, seeking to sustain the entrepreneurship’s activity.


Special Recognition from the CIP - One CGIAR

Special recognition for applicants in the category “High-Impact Entrepreneurship”, which, if meeting certain additional requirements may access capacity-building benefits through international courses on innovation and development in highly reputed institutions, as well as opportunities for integration with global One-CGIAR for the exchange of information and knowledge.


Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers - IIMP

Leading institution in the Peruvian mining sector that brings together the best professionals in the area to embrace the challenges of the mining industry in a constantly evolving environment.



Consortium that groups research centers to increase food safety, reduce rural poverty, improve health and nutrition and ensure a sustainable management of natural resources.



Peruvian platform for strengthening the social entrepreneurship ecosystem that integrates and fosters synergies between actors seeking to promote this type of business in Peru.




If you have any questions, please contact us at:


Kawát Perú: High-quality flour for poultry, fish and pig feed

EVAND`S: Development of products to prevent and combat anemia in babies and children

Yapaykuy: APP that facilitates the communication and inclusion of people with disabilities

My small help Perú: Initiative that offers education, health and training to people with disabilities

Reci Yapuy: Organic fertilizer production

MiMercado: Digital showcase that unites farmers, micro entrepreneurs and wholesale businesses

Asociación de productores agropecuarios Calla: Production and commercialization of potato seed to improve the quality of life of producers

Harina de pulpa de Café: Production of coffee pulp flour as a meat substitute

Hierrocao: fortified chocolates

Eco planchas RCC: Eco plates based on corn cob


Kawát Perú - Winner 2022

Production of high quality flour, from the biotransformation of organic waste from the Shampuyacu Native Community with the help of the "Black Soldier Fly" (Hermetia illucens), for feeding birds, fish and pigs.


EVAND"S - Winner 2022

Development of products fortified with iron and social awareness to prevent and combat anemia in babies and school-age children, articulating farmers, municipalities and civil society in the process.


Yapaykuy: - Finalist 2022

Free application with more than 10 functionalities that facilitate the communication and inclusion of people with hearing and verbal disabilities, dumbness, dysphemia, cerebral palsy and other disorders.

My small help Perú - Finalist 2022

Initiative aimed at offering education, health and training to people with disabilities and in situations of vulnerability in rural areas of Cusco, in order to improve their quality of life and close gaps.


Reci Yapuy - Finalist 2022

Preparation of natural organic compost from the recycling of disposable diapers, banana peel, and other ingredients in the face of rising fertilizer prices that affect food production nationwide.


MiMercado - Finalist 2022

Digital showcase that contributes to social development by uniting the offer of peasants, rural microentrepreneurs and wholesale market businesses, with the urban demand of homes and companies.


Asociación de productores agropecuarios Calla - Finalist 2022


Production and commercialization of high-quality potato seed, to face the low yield of the crop and improve the quality of life of the producers.

Harina de pulpa de Café - Finalist 2022

Production of coffee pulp flour as a meat substitute, with the aim of reducing child malnutrition rates and achieving food security under a sustainable agriculture scheme.


Hierrocao - Finalist 2022

Chocolate fortified with heme iron, focused on the prevention and treatment of anemia, with an emphasis on children under 36 months.


Eco planchas RCC - Finalist 2022

Elaboration of eco plates for the construction of houses from the recycling of corn cob acquired from farmers, seeking to overcome the housing deficit and providing well-being and thermal comfort for rural households in Peru.


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