Lima, JULY 7 2022 Arequipa, Moquegua, And Tacna To Collect Over Pen 3.8 Billion As Fiscal Redistribution (Canon Minero) And Mining Royalties With New Mining Projects

  • Arequipa would be the region to benefit the most, with approximately PEN 2.097 billion to be collected thanks to its four portfolio projects


The regions of Arequipa, Moquegua, and Tacna are to collect the combined amount of PEN 3.842 billion by 2031 if the mining projects in the portfolio are implemented, according to the study “Socio-economic impact of mining in southwestern Peru,” conducted by the Center for Competitiveness and Development (CCD) and the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP).

Based on this study, presented during the activities of Rumbo a PERUMIN, Arequipa is the region to be most benefited, collecting nearly PEN 2.097 billion. This region currently has a portfolio of 4 mining projects, among which Pampa de Pongo ($2.55 billion), Tía María ($1.4 billion), and Zafranal ($1.263 billion) stand out.

Moquegua, on the other hand, is to collect over PEN 1.1 billion with the execution of 3 projects in its portfolio: Quellaveco ($5.3 billion), Los Calatos ($655 million), and San Gabriel ($422 million). Meanwhile, Tacna, is to make PEN 640 million with the Toquepala project, which is currently being executed.

“With a total of $12.19 billion, the investment in these regions accounts for 23% of the country’s total project portfolio, which is valued at $53.168 billion. Furthermore, and considering that today the mining industry accounts for 31% of the GDP in Arequipa, 71% in Moquegua, and 47% in Tacna, it is necessary to push these projects forward to help these regions’ and our country’s development,” said Rudy Laguna, director of the CCD.

Benefit for the population

 The analysis also points out that, by 2031, thanks to the implementation of these projects in the portfolio, 71,000 new jobs are to be created in these 3 regions. Due to this, the number of people employed by mining, directly and indirectly, would reach more than 277,000 people. “If we take into account the projections, the mining industry will benefit 1.5 million people, including workers and their immediate families,” added Laguna.

In the case of Arequipa, the mining sector is to employ 199,000 people, thus benefiting 596,000. Where Moquegua is concerned, the industry would benefit over 703,000 people, including workers (direct and indirect) and their families, thus creating 137,000 new jobs. Finally, in Tacna, the Toquepala mining project will keep benefiting a total of 117,000 people.

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