LIMA, AUGUST 3 2021 Together, we will defeat COVID-19

National mining has recovered its pre-pandemic production levels, thanks to the concerted effort of its direct and indirect workers and the companies themselves, that established strict biosafety protocols to reduce the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, at Southern Peru we faced two challenges: to set up an epidemiological fence in order to guarantee and protect the safety of our workers and their dependents living in our camps. This objective has been largely achieved.

This was possible thanks to the collaboration of the health authorities, as well as the Peruvian National Police and the Armed Forces. Both institutions, together with the representatives of the Ministry of Health, the regional health directorates and the district and provincial mayors have demonstrated that it is possible to work together, reach agreements and provide the best possible service to the population.

For our part, we have provided emergency health and medical care, supplying oxygen and oxygen cylinders, as well as transferring patients whose health conditions required extreme care. In addition, we provided biosafety equipment, masks, face shields, handwashing facilities, disinfectant alcohol, cleaning kits, hospital beds and tents, oxygen plants, active participation in vaccination campaigns, among others.

In the productive area, it was important to maintain productivity levels at Southern Peru’s maximum operating capacity, because this ensured that the authorities would have the economic resources - through taxation - to face the pandemic and to sustain state services at its different levels of government.

At Southern Peru we are proud of our participation, mainly in the regions of Moquegua, Tacna, Arequipa, Cajamarca and Apurímac, as well as the commitment of our staff to overcome the pandemic and continue collaborating with development and well-being.

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