Lima, MARCH 21 2022 TIS FORUM: Epiroc will sponsor the National Mining Award and will take the winner to its production plant in Sweden

The Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum will have the official sponsorship of Epiroc, prestigious multinational company, manufacturer of high-standing mining equipment for the National Mining Award, which will be granted to the winner of this contest, as confirmed by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers and the Organizing Committee of PERUMIN 35th Mining Convention.

In a letter addressed to the President of the IIMP, Víctor Gobitz Colchado and to the Organizing Committee, the General Manager of Epiroc Perú, Ángel Tobar Escudero, pointed out that PERUMIN highlights our country, not only in regard to the mining sector, but also regarding technological, innovation and sustainability development, fundamental mainstays in the work performed by the company.

“From Epiroc Perú we confirm that we will deliver a special recognition to the winner of the National Mining Award in this new edition of the TIS Forum, which consists in a 5-day trip to the headquarters of Epiroc in Sweden, entirely covered by our company (air tickets, hotel bookings and per diem expenses) to be made effective as of January 1, 2023”, he said.

According to the highest representative of Epiroc in our country, the trip would include for the winner of this important award, the visit to the facilities and model mines of Epiroc in Stockholm and its plant in the city of Örebro, where the winner will have the chance to see directly the use of cutting-edge technology and the innovator processes for the production of its equipment.

Submission deadline extended

It must be noted that the organizers of PERUMIN 35 announced the extension of the deadline to submit the summaries of the technical works for the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum, an event that will take place next September, from the 27th to the 29th, at the Cerro Juli Convention Center, in Arequipa.

In this respect, the President of the TIS Forum, Eng. Roberto Maldonado, pointed out that the deadline to submit the summaries will be extended from March 31, as originally programmed, to April 15, to give applicants more time to prepare their technical work summaries.

He added that the participants may compete in any of the eight categories in the contest: Research and Technology, Mining Operations, Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Industries, Geology and Explorations, Social Management, Environmental Management, Mining Economics and Legal and Tax.

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