, APRIL 27 2021 The Vice Minister of SMEs and Industry will participate in the second day of Heading to PERUMIN

For the second day of the conference cycle "Southern Mining Corridor: Challenges for the Development of the Regions", which is part of Heading to PERUMIN; the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) has programmed two blocks in which clusters and production chains will be analyzed; as well as the importance of contributions from the canon and royalties from mining.

In the first block, called "Regional Development", the cluster development manager at METS Ignited and CEO at Queensland Robotics, Andrew Scott, will speak from Australia on good practices in cluster development.

The second speaker will be the Vice Minister of SMEs and Industry of the Ministry of Production (Produce), Rosa Ana Balcázar, who will present her keynote speech on productive linkages.

And closing this first block will be the consultant of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America, Benjamín Quijandría, with his presentation "SAMMI Andean Mining Cluster - Implementation Proposal".

Canon and royalties

To learn more about the Canon, Public Investment and Welfare, the organization has invited the director of Videnza Consultores, and former Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation; and of Agriculture and Irrigation, Milton Von Hesse.

This space is scheduled for 7:00 pm and will feature a panel of experts made up of the director of the Universidad Católica Santa María School of Law, Juan Carlos Agramonte; the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Finance of the Universidad del Pacífico, Carlos Casas; and the president of ALOXI, Darío Zegarra.


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