LIMA, SEPTEMBER 22 2021 The sustainability of mining companies is absolutely essential

So said David Clarry, president of the Mining Association of Canada, during his participation in Heading to PERUMIN.


The mining industry must comply with high standards that guarantee its correct operation, which leads to increasing its competitiveness and, consequently, strengthening its sustainability.

In this regard, David Clarry, president of the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), referred to the initiative "Towards sustainable mining" (HMS), noting that "it is a commitment that we have been actively working with at the MAC in  order to be a leader among mining standards worldwide”.

"We want this standard to be managed not only at the Canadian level, but rather for it to be applicable worldwide, since the sustainability of mining companies is absolutely essential," he added.

Clarry said the HMS also developed the Integrated Audit Protocol, which allows a single process to meet the requirements for both the HMS and the Responsible Jewellery Council certification.

"The Responsible Mining Initiative is also being integrated into this tool," he said.

He added that every business must start with a purpose; if it has profitability it will be able to attract investors, as in the case of mining companies, which require large investment capacity to start a mine.

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