Lima, MAY 3 2022 The Rimay dialogue platform will help optimize mining in central Peru

In the event Rumbo a PERUMIN, Central Peru Edition, the former Minister of Energy and Mines indicated that the key to creating shared value lies in linking corporate return resulting from the social impact.

The consultant in strategic sustainability topics and former Minister of Energy and Mines, Luis Miguel Incháustegui, pointed out that Rimay, a platform to promote dialogue and discussion regarding the mining sector, would be a strategy for the pursuit of social consensus, beneficial for the promotion of mining in regions of central Peru.

As part of his presentation during the first workday of the decentralized event Rumbo a PERUMIN, Central Peru Edition, which covers the regions of Junín, Lima Provinces and Pasco, Mr. Incháustegui spoke about the importance of establishing consensus towards boosting the full development of the mining potential in Peru.

“Rimay means to agree in Quechua and it was implemented to promote dialogue to, first, construct a vision of mining towards 2030 and, second, to reach consensus between the civil society, the mining companies and the Government”, commented the ex-minister, making reference to the plan that was applied during his administration.

To that end, as mentioned by Mr. Incháustegui, there are steps to comply with a social strategy that increases cooperation and reduces the degree of conflict, seeking to generate a shared value based on dialogue and listening to the parties involved, the development of sustainable plans and a multiple-actor approach.

However, he pointed out that there are still generalized challenges in areas with mining activities, such as social gaps, the management of taxes collected (generated by the mining activity) the lack of collaboration between the State, the companies and the communities, the remains of environmental liabilities and illegal mining, and, finally, the slowness of the processes to obtain licenses and permits for the development of new projects.

“The key to creating shared value is to link the corporate return resulting from social impact. It is necessary to transform the creation of a social impact, together with the impact of a business and innovation, into a virtuous circle”, ended saying Mr. Incháustegui.

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