LIMA, SEPTEMBER 21 2021 The inauguration of Heading to PERUMIN was attended by the Australian ambassador

On September 21, the central event of Heading to PERUMIN - Bicentennial Edition, organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), was inaugurated which will bring together more than 50 national and international speakers to address the main challenges of the Peruvian mining industry.

"At the Institute we are convinced that mining is a fundamental activity to boost the economic development of the country and promote well-being in the population. That is why Heading to PERUMIN offers us a meeting space for various actors involved in national development", said Víctor Gobitz, president of the IIMP.

Gobitz indicated that this meeting aims to analyze the various opportunities offered by mining, a global business that is clearly booming, as well as to discuss the need to establish a long-term mining policy for Peru; and to strengthen agreements that contribute to the competitiveness, sustainable development and social impact of this industry.

Australia, a partner country of PERUMIN

He pointed out that PERUMIN 35 will be the first edition of the Mining Convention to be developed with an allied country, such as Australia, which has been actively participating in the agenda of Heading to PERUMIN and the realization of this central online competition, which has been a challenge in terms of technology and organization.

For her part, the Australian ambassador to Peru, Diana Nelson, indicated that this online competition is an opportunity to strengthen ties and promote opportunities between the two countries, both of which have an important mining tradition.

"We are very proud to be the first country to be chosen to occupy this category. We believe that this announcement is a reflection of the excellent level of friendly relations and cooperation in economic and commercial matters and the mutual understanding of the strength of our mining industries", she pointed out.

In her presentation, she highlighted the importance of METS (Mining Equipment, Technology and Service providers) that allowed mining companies to accelerate their digital transformation, adapting to new ways of operating in a post-pandemic environment. "These Australian innovations are also coming to Peru," she said.

This edition of Heading to PERUMIN will feature the participation of prominent Australian exhibitors such as Keith Pitt, Minister of Resources and Water of Northern Australia (September 21); and Tania Constable, CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia (September 22).

Furthermore, Miguel Cardozo, president of Heading to PERUMIN, indicated that the activities of this online event will go on until the end of this year and will also continue in 2022 until the PERUMIN 35 event in Arequipa, in September next year.

He pointed out that a study carried out by the Center for Competitiveness and Development and the IIMP indicates that the execution of the 48 new mining projects in the portfolio, valued at USD 56 billion, will be able otof generate fiscal resources for more than S/ 80 billion in the next decade.

Also, the number of mining workers and their families will increase to 15.5 million Peruvians, that is, 36% of the national population will have income and benefits from mining. "The country needs to transmit confidence and security to investors, in addition to establishing clear rules of the game that promote the development of the industry," he concluded.

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