LIMA, MAY 18 2021 The conferences of the next edition of the TIS Forum at PERUMIN 35 have already started

The Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) is the organizer of the main Mining Convention, and in order to publicize the latest news about technological advances, it has started a series of talks within the program of the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum (TIS Forum).

Thus, on May 6, the public was able to learn how the Las Bambas mining company - taking as references the current technological innovations to have a greater integration within its operation, and to be able to understand and make decisions more quickly - continues to work with the aim of becoming the mine of the future.

“Currently, Las Bambas is in a process of technological change to drive innovative improvements, seeking to move its operations from good to being excellent. For a mine of the future our goal is zero damage, that operations are optimized from mine to port”, explained the Superintendent of Geotechnics and Hydrogeology MMG Limited, José Ardito.

Peruvian METS

The second talk will focus on learning more about mining supplier companies, also known as METS, which are part of the ecosystem of the national mining industry.

In this context, there will be the participation of four cases of world-class Peruvian suppliers: AID, Budge, Overprime and Jebi. The event will take place on Thursday, May 20, and the session will be moderated by the general manager of the Mining Innovation Hub, Pamela Antonioli.

Those interested can follow this new TIS Forum conference through the official IIMP accounts on Facebook and YouTube.

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