LIMA, SEPTEMBER 22 2021 Synchronous submersible motors are more efficient at pumping water

Permanent magnet synchronous submersible motors are the most recent innovation in mining pumping systems; they are 8 to 13% more efficient, produce energy consumption savings of 20% and generate a return on investment within 2 years, compared to conventional asynchronous submersible motors, explained the territory manager of the Franklin Electric company, Juan Barajas, at Heading to PERUMIN.

He also explained that these new technologies use a magnet instead of the typical rotor to generate a magnetic field without the need for electrical excitation, which ends up reducing inertia and energy losses, and resulting in better performance.

He compared it with the standard motor that experiences slippage or losses of between 3 to 6%, so in the end it only manages to work with a lower revolution of 3,450 or 3,525 RPM, when in reality it should work with an ideal limit of 3,600 RPM.

"In contrast, permanent magnet motors, by not having asynchrony between their frequencies, can rotate at 3,600 actual RPM, which will have a favorable impact on the operation of the pump, which will also rotate at 3,600 RPM, obtaining higher flow performance, higher head performance and lower energy consumption", said the spokesperson.

Another advantage of this type of engine, he added, is the raw material with which it is manufactured. The application of materials called "rare earths", such as neodymium, means that this equipment has a higher energy density and a high touch-inertia ratio, which gives less volume and weight to the permanent magnet submersible motor.

"In conclusion, a high-efficiency system, applied to pumping systems, is one where electrical energy, later transformed into mechanical energy and then into hydraulic energy, does so with the least possible losses," he emphasized.

Franklin Electric's high-efficiency pumping system consists of the magnet motor itself, the VFD (variable frequency drive), and the output filter. It has a power rating of 5 to 150 kW (5-200 HP) and its structure is made of 304SS stainless steel with 316SS and 904L options.

Complete line for tubular well equipment

For his part, Bert Mas, Head of Mining Projects at Mechflow Solutions, specified that, together with his associates Franklin Electric and Pioneer Pump, they offer a complete line for the equipment of tubular wells in mining, which also includes the high efficiency submersible motors and pumps for the extraction of underground water.

"Our methodology for the extraction of underground water in tubular wells is based on the use of flexible pipes that are easy to install and transport, free from corrosion and scaling, economical in maintenance costs, in presentations of up to 250 meter lengths and with only 2 couplings per well", he said.

He said that previously the pipes were made of steel and were too exposed to corrosion and scaling to the point of breaking all the equipment and deepening the well. Added to this, they were in smaller sections of up to 6 meters, high maintenance and transportation costs, required a long installation time and were assembled with a greater number of couplings.

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