Lima, AUGUST 15 2022 Since when and why does PERUMIN take place in the White City of Arequipa?

Today August 15, Arequipa, the second most important city of Perú, celebrates 482 years of its foundation. This city has become within the past decades the venue for PERUMIN, an event organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIIMP), whose thirty-fifth edition will take place from the 26 to the 30 of September at Cerro Juli Convention Center.

This bulletin shares some details on the close connection between the White City of Arequipa and PERUMIN, a world-class conclave that, every two years, gathers students, professionals and investors from various parts of the world to reflect and exchange knowledge on the development of the mining industry.

Since when is PERUMIN held in Arequipa?

The White City has been uninterruptedly the venue for the Mining Convention since 1995. PERUMIN 35 will take place this 2022 on its consecutive fourteenth edition at this venue. However, the first time Arequipa was the venue for this mining convention was years ago, exactly on September 1986 at its 13th Edition.

That edition was focused on the “100 years of mining engineering in Peru” and was chaired by Ernesto Baertl Montori, a successful miner devoted to the development of mining and Peru, and acknowledged for his outstanding altruist spirit.

Why is PERUMIN held in Arequipa?

There are various reasons why this event continues to be held in the White City of Arequipa. One of these reasons is that this city offers important attributes and has an important mining tradition supporting it to continue to be the venue for PERUMIN.

This is how Luis Rivera, Chairman of PERUMIN’s Mining Summit and former chairman of the IIMP understands it. “The past thirteen editions have taken place in Arequipa. Whether a tradition or not, PERUMIN has become a tradition that Arequipenos and Peru share. The country knows what a PERUMIN event is in Arequipa, it is a national tradition,” he points out.

He adds that Arequipa is today a prominently mining region that has large mining deposits, mining infrastructure and a mining port like Matarani, one of the largest in the world through which around 10% of the world’s copper production is exported.

On his part, Carlos Diez Canseco, General Manager of the IIMP, says that Arequipa gathers other relevant factors such as its gastronomy, its people’s warmness and hospitality, safety, tourist services and an important hotel capacity, among other facilities that make it the city of choice to host this mega event. “Arequipa is the capital of the country’s conventions,” he indicates.

For the foregoing, the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers and the Organizing Committee of PERUMIN Mining Convention greet and wish Arequipa and Arequipenos great successes. Happy anniversary, Arequipa!

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