LIMA, SEPTEMBER 10 2021 Safer, more efficient and more ethical supply chains for the mining sector

In a context of uncertainty, procurement and supply chain management is increasingly visible and involves greater responsibility. This vital area of the business, in addition to being associated with expectations of operational efficiency and cost reduction, is also necessary to meet strategic performance and compliance commitments.

How can mining companies with complex supply chains meet their legislative, social and moral obligations, while managing their business priorities? At Achilles we make it possible, through our Regic mining community that brings together buyers and suppliers in the sector. We provide purchasing decision makers with useful insights derived from data that has been thoroughly audited and validated, taking into account sustainability, performance and compliance. As Nicolás Avellaneda, Achilles’ LATAM Regional Director, points out, “we provide buyers with the visibility they need to detect potential problems and avoid interruptions in their supply chains. The data that Achilles collects and verifies provides them with a complete picture of the landscape they are exposed to." 

At Achilles we help you to confidently select suppliers that align with your standards, through access to a platform that contains verified information on financial risk, sustainability, environment, health and safety, and cybersecurity, among others. All backed by a series of standard and optional tools that help you work with your data and offer you the ability to analyze the most important variables in your supply chain.

As a sponsor of "Heading to Perumin 35", Achilles will present the participating companies with a complete X-ray of the mining industry in Latin America, where you can access relevant information for decision-making and understand the importance of data for procurement management in the sector. 
If you want to know more about the Regic community of Achilles or would like information on how we can help you minimize risks and efforts in your management, please contact us.

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