Cajamarca, FEBRUARY 11 2022 Rumbo a PERUMIN in Cajamarca will bring together authorities, representatives of companies and specialists

Authorities and Government officials, directors and leaders of private companies and representatives of civil associations will meet during the decentralized event Rumbo a PERUMIN “Consensuses for the progress of Cajamarca”, organized by the Executive Committee of PERUMIN 35 and the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP).

This edition will take place on February 16 and 17 and will bring together different prominent people connected to mining to present and discuss matters such as the current socio-economic scenario of Cajamarca, the recent developments in the extractive sector in this region and the opportunities for closing gaps and for the development of the communities.

 Impact and potential of mining in Cajamarca

According to the organizers, the inauguration of Rumbo a PERUMIN Cajamarca will be held on Wednesday, the 16th, at 6 pm and will be headed by its President, Engineer Miguel Cardozo and the regional governor of Cajamarca, Mesías Guevara.

It will be followed by the block of conferences with the participation of the Vice Minister of Mines, Jorge Chávez (*) the Director of Candente Copper Corp., Luis Miguel Incháustegui and the consultant of the Center for Competitiveness and Development (CCD) Rudy Laguna, who will provide valuable information in connection with the impact and potential of mining in Cajamarca.

There will also be a space for a panel of experts to exchange points of view regarding the different topics to be addressed. The group will consist of the Rector of the National University of Cajamarca, Bernardo Escalante, the Development Manager of the Regional Government of Cajamarca, the General Manager of Lumina Copper, Manuel Chung and the President of the Cajamarca Chamber of Commerce and Production, Marco La Torre.

During the first workday, the moderator will be Miguel Chumbe, Past Dean of the Journalists Association of Cajamarca.

Territorial development and regional competitiveness

In turn, on Thursday 17, as of 6 pm, the moderator will be Violeta Vigo, Director of the Association Los Andes de Cajamarca (ALAC) an initiative of Minera Yanacocha.

A new block of conferences will take place that day with the participation of Oscar Mendoza, Dean of the Economists Association of Cajamarca, Diego Macera, General Manager of the Peruvian Institute of Economics, and Marco Arribasplata, President of SEDACAJ. They will provide important information in connection with the territorial development and competitiveness in the region. In addition, there will be a segment with panels of specialists to discuss the previously presented topics.

The first group will be formed by: Andrés Castro, Director of Sierra Exportadora Cajamarca, Edgardo Cruzado, former Chief of the Cabinet of Advisors of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (*) Rodrigo Rumiche, Chief of the Department of Economic Studies of the Central Bank (BCRP) of Trujillo and Emperatriz Campos, General Manager of Ceyca.

Meanwhile, the members of the second group will include Andrés Villar, Provincial Mayor of Cajamarca, Rosseles Machuca, Chief of the Local Office of the SUNASS in Cajamarca, César Fonseca, Representative of 2030 Water Resources Group in Latin America and Guillermo Vidalón, Superintendent of Public Relations of Southern Peru.

Closing reflections

The closing of Rumbo a PERUMIN Cajamarca will be in the hands of Claudia Cooper, president of PERUMIN 35, with comments and conclusions; Darío Zegarra, President of ALAC – Yanacocha, with closing words; and Mesías Guevara, Regional Governor of Cajamarca, who will be in charge of the official closing of this event in virtual format.

To attend the activities of this important meeting, please follow the official accounts on the social networks Facebook ( and YouTube (


(*) To be confirmed

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