Cajamarca, FEBRUARY 17 2022 Rumbo a PERUMIN: Consensuses are urgently needed to optimize the development of Cajamarca through its natural resources

In Cajamarca it is urgent to reach consensus to establish a path of development through the sustainable use of its natural resources. This was one of the main conclusions of the decentralized event Rumbo a PERUMIN “Consensus for the development of Cajamarca”, held on February 16 to 17.

During the closing session, the economist Claudia Cooper, President of PERUMIN 35th Mining Convention, recalled that Cajamarca is the region that concentrates one third of the value of the portfolio of mining investments of Peru, with a potential of US$ 17,900 million. She sustained that these resources constitute a significant asset to reduce poverty, generate employment and improve the well-being indicators in the population.

A similar opinion was expressed by Darío Zegarra, country manager of Newmont Perú, who reiterated that a reduction of 0.54% of the poverty rate is achieved for each 1% of increase of investments. In turn, he indicated that “the countries and regions that make better use of their natural resources are those with strong institutionality and public governance”.

Greater cooperation

With regard to social conflicts, which have generated the stoppage of several mining projects in Cajamarca, the economist stated that there is a crisis of trust among the actors involved in the regional development. “We need a strategy of greater cooperation. The more cooperation, the less incidence of the conflicts”, added the President of PERUMIN 35.

In this regard, she pointed out the importance that mining companies work with a shared value model, which seeks to involve the neighboring communities in the production chain and to leave aside a social responsibility model that is mostly welfarist.

“It is hard to keep up the growth of Cajamarca if we do not reactivate the main source of income, which is mining”, noted Cooper.

In turn, the representative of Newmont indicated that every consensus related to the development of the region, must aim at prioritizing the people, establishing it based on evidence and collective learning, respecting the roles of the public and private actors and pursuing synergies to join efforts with conviction and perseverance.

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