, APRIL 28 2021 Rómulo Mucho: "The southern mining corridor has a brilliant opportunity"

During his presentation at the Conference "Southern Mining Corridor: Challenges for the Development of the Regions", which is part of Heading to PERUMIN, the former president of the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), considered the need for executing authorities to reduce the inequality gap.

"The southern mining corridor has a brilliant opportunity, we only need to have strategic authorities and executors to be able to value and banish the inequality gap. If that happens, Peru is on its way to development; otherwise, the same story is going to go on for decades," he said.

Rómulo Mucho also considered that it is necessary to generate trust to attract greater domestic and foreign investment. "This trust is what, apart from attracting capital, generates jobs, savings and finally the long-awaited development for all," he stressed.

He also recalled that in accordance with the proposal for the bicentennial, a dozen mining projects for USD 17 billion have been identified with an Environmental Impact Study (EIA) ready and an approved social license.

"To carry out these projects, we need the State to be an ally and create the necessary conditions. Otherwise, if these conditions do not exist, the investments will go away. We are not a panacea for everyone to say that they will come to Peru," said engineer Rómulo Mucho.

Mucho, who is also president of the Peruvian Agricultural Civil Association, said that economic reactivation means attracting investment, generating employment and injecting liquidity into the pockets of the population, but not through handouts or subsidies; but through decent employment, generated both by private and public investment.

“It is urgent to make the right decisions and educate the people on what is good and bad. They should not listen to what they are being told, as it is happening now," said Rómulo Mucho.

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