, APRIL 28 2021 Produce seeks to promote productive chains in the regions

Rosa Ana Balcázar, Vice Minister of MYPE and Industry of the Ministry of Production (Produce), announced the main actions that the Ministry has been carrying out to promote productive linkages in the different regions of the country, within the framework of the decentralized Heading to PERUMIN .

Along these lines, she mentioned that it is important to strengthen productive linkages in the regions, ensuring that a significant percentage of our MYPES increase their productivity and quality in order to be inserted in dynamic and formal value chains.

“We believe that part of the work with a territorial approach must come from the perspective of production chains. Micro and small enterprises with economic units should definitely work in an associative manner”, he added.

He emphasized that for this it is important to focus on technology and innovation to reduce the gaps in information, connectivity and basic quality services that the MYPES have in the regions. "The Peru of the Bicentennial needs and deserves an inclusive, innovative and sustainable production"

The idea is to generate synergies with Regional Governments to promote inclusion, he said. For this reason, Produce, through the Coremypes, has launched 25 Regional Articulated Plans, which are framed within the logic of public-private alliances. "By the end of 2021, we will execute more than 143,095 services to regional governments"

He added that through Procompite, in 8 years regional and local governments will finance 9,723 business plans for approximately S/. 1.874 billion. "The idea is to benefit more than 300,000 MYPES nationwide."

He pointed out that Produce has also co-financed around 2,500 innovation and entrepreneurship projects for more than 100 million soles.

In addition, 10 projects in the agribusiness, technology, fishing and manufacturing chains are being promoted through the Cluster Support Program (PAC). "The idea is to co-finance action plans for an amount of 20 million soles over a period of 4 years."

Innovate Peru has mobilized competitive funds in projects for the Dynamization of Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (DER), which seek to connect and create collaborative networks in the regions.

They are currently being carried out in 7 regions: Piura, La Libertad, San Martín, Ica, Arequipa, Tacna and Cusco. “At the end of the execution of the DER projects, around S/. 12.6 million will have been invested”.

Among other efforts made by said portfolio, the Technology Roadmap for Mining Technology Suppliers has boosted the development of production chains, accelerating innovation processes.

"It is important to create an ecosystem of mining suppliers that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and also ready to use technology based on a significant reduction of gaps, but also reasonable management," he concluded.

This conference was held in the block on Regional Development, which was also attended by  the cluster development manager at METS Ignited, Andrew Scott, who spoke about good practices in cluster development (Australia); and the consultant from CAF - Development Bank of Latin America, Benjamín Quijandría, with his presentation "SAMMI Andean Mining Cluster - Implementation Proposal".

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