Through the Social Management Policy, aligned with the main international standards, PETROPERÚ commits to manage social aspects with the same priority as the operational, economic, environmental and quality aspects. Hence, it assumes ten commitments aimed to preventively manage social impacts and ensure that their strategic goals and sustainability and continuity of their operations are achieved.

We work together with the population, authorities and other stakeholders from locations close to our operations and activities, ensuring a permanent intercultural relationship through timely information and participatory mechanisms and communication; managing permanent dialog spaces and addressing concerns, grievances and complaints. We also manage local employment, strengthening the skills of our contractors and clients, and accompanying their activities and fostering positive impact of their operations.

PETROPERÚ contributes to the achievement of the SDGs at the locations within the scope of their operations through the execution of education, health, infrastructure, productive development, employability and entrepreneurship projects, among others, at all of their operations, such as the Jinkay Education Project, the Corporate Intervention Program for the Accompaniment of Pregnant Women, Health Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Irrigation Technology for crop improvement, Workshops on Leadership and Public Management, among others.

Between 2019 and 2021, PETROPERÚ invested S/ 41 953 209.57 in their lines of actions, that is, Local Development Support, Social Risk Management as well as Fight against COVID support, Social Projection and Donations, benefiting 1 747 377 people.

Such interventions in community engagement are replicated in our clients’ scope of operation, aligning ourselves to their policies and good corporate social responsibility practices, adding value to their operations as part of the increased shared value.

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