LIMA, JUNE 18 2021 PERUMIN TIS Forum holds a conference on the Cerro Verde tailings dam

In a new edition of the Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Forum - FORO TIS - the conference "Operation and management of the tailings dam in Cerro Verde" was held to learn more about this facility.

The General Manager of Cerro Verde Mining Processes, Manuel Cadenas, commented that this mine (located in Arequipa) currently has two tailings dams: Enlozada and Linga.

“The latter is the newest and therefore has less time in operation. In addition, mining in Peru generally uses the surface storage type. In the case of Cerro Verde, our tailings dams are of the centerline type ”, he explained. 

Similarly, he commented that in the case of tailings, automation is being incorporated through the data acquisition for alarm generation, and in response to data that are outside the parameters.

He also argued that although tailings dams are designed for large earthquakes, when these events occur, although there is support from drones, it is necessary to carry out an inspection on foot along the entire dam.

Furthermore, Manuel Cárdenas reported that the International Council for Mining and Metals (ICMM) recently published the new Global Tailings Management Standard for the Mining Industry guide, an initiative aimed at operators and that applies to tailings facilities, both in existence and yet to be built.

“This guide addresses the entire tailings management process for tailings facilities. It begins with the conception of the project, continues with the design, construction, operation and goes to the closure and post-closure of the operation,” the executive said.

In August 2020, the ICMM launched the new Global Tailings Management Standard for the Mining Industry, which was developed by a multidisciplinary panel of experts with the aim of improving the safety of tailings facilities in the mining industry.

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