, APRIL 13 2021 PERUMIN Hub challenges cover three core topics

The PERUMIN Hub, thanks to the alliance between the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) and the Peruvian Mining Innovation Hub, is part of the Heading to PERUMIN activities and is created to promote the development of innovative solutions to face the challenges of the mining industry and support the commercial take-off of already successful results.

The program is in its initial phase and has allowed identifying specific challenges based on three core topics: Environment and Sustainability, Water Resources and Mining 4.0.

A series of webinars

To explore in depth these major issues, a series of online seminars or webinars have been held, which have successfully welcomed dozens of participants interested in expanding their knowledge.

Thus, on March 31st, Luis García Cavero, project engineering coordinator of Activos Mineros, participated in the analysis related to environmental liabilities within the Environment and Sustainability challenges.

Later on, Inter-American Development Bank consultant, Vinio Floris, tackled the issue of Water Resources emphasizing on the importance of reinventing the management of this resource through innovation.

Meanwhile, Emilio Gómez de la Torre, CEO of Linkminers, addressed the Mining 4.0 topic in terms of the importance of technologies and their application to each of the stages of the mining business from exploration to mine closure operations.

More free webinars have been scheduled in the following weeks. For more information, please visit https://perumin.com/es/hub

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