, MARCH 18 2021 PERUMIN Hub: Breaking down the barriers to innovation

Mining is an activity in constant evolution, a reality that demands a series of challenges and opportunities for improvement led by companies and professionals involved in this industry.

In this line, the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) and the Peru Mining Innovation Hub (Hub) introduce “PERUMIN Hub: Breaking down the barriers to innovation”, an initiative designed to reveal the challenges of mining companies to the innovators community.

“The IIMP and the Hub are institutions committed to open a route that will position mining as a sector that not only innovates in community, but guides innovators by facilitating their growth, consolidation and commercial take-off”, highlighted Pamela Antonioli, General Manager of the Peru Mining Innovation Hub.


Likewise, with the purpose that innovators share with the mining sector their solid, robust proposals and, above all, address the specific and real challenges of the sector, the IIMP and the Hub present the stages included in this proposal; as well as the details to be part of the top open innovation program in the country, PERUMIN Hub.

The first stage is called “Challenges” where prominent allies of the sector participated in its development, as well as important leaders of 17 mining companies in the country and more than 80 representatives, who managed to define 3 thematic areas: Environment and Sustainability, Water Resources, and Mining 4.0; and its 10 challenges that need to be addressed through innovation.

The second stage, “Connection or Matchmaking”, promotes the connection between innovators and also wants to get feedback from mining companies. This stage will be carried out in March and April, for which the organizers have made available to the community two platforms in this link:

And the third stage is the “Contest”, designed for innovators to have the opportunity to submit their solutions in response to mining companies challenges.

Application will run as frm May until June and the participants will have to choose between two categories:

  • Innovations to be validated: Preliminary innovative solutions that have successfully passed the conceptual validation phase and their prototype needs validation.
  • Successful innovations: Innovative solutions that have already been tested and validated in Peruvian mining companies or from another country.

“The best proposals will have a preferential slot on Heading to PERUMIN, as well as the opportunity to approach mining companies and various relevant actors of the national and international ecosystem with the purpose to implementing or scaling their innovation” as explained by Roberto Maldonado, president of PERUMIN Hub and IIMP vice president.


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