LIMA, MAY 19 2021 PERUMIN Hub begins the process of linking innovators and mining companies in search of solutions for the sector

With the start of Matchmaking 2, innovators will be able to receive feedback from the mining company teams.
As part of the beginning of this stage, an online event was held to demonstrate the importance of technology adoption in the mining industry.

PERUMIN Hub, which seeks to be the main open innovation program in the country for the mining sector, started Matchmaking 2, an intelligent and free platform where preliminary profiles of potential solutions in the mining sector can be presented and thus obtain feedback from professionals from mining companies.

As part of the activities that kicked off this stage, an online event was held which highlighted the importance of technology in the mining industry. Javier Hoyle, General Manager of Everis Peru, emphasized the challenge of technology adoption in an industry that needs to be more connected and integrate production processes to become a 4.0, intelligent, more efficient and profitable mining industry. The event  highlighted that, on average, only 1% of the data generated in the mining process is used, which represents enormous potential. 

It was also indicated that Mining 4.0 is one of the three thematic areas, together with water resources and the environment and sustainability, that have been prioritized by PERUMIN Hub based on studies and the participation of 17 mining companies, to collect innovative proposals that provide solutions to the sector. 

“PERUMIN Hub is a space of opportunity that promotes collaboration to bring innovation to the sector in a more efficient way. An example of this is the Matchmaking 2 stage where innovators will be able to upload a simple profile of their solution on a platform and professionals from mining companies will be able to review those that respond to their challenges and leave comments, as feedback, which will contribute to refine the proposals prior to the competition that begins on May 28. It is a win-win model for both parties in the framework of one of the most important events of the sector in the world,” said Pamela Antonioli De Rutté, General Manager of the Peru Mining Innovation Hub.

Rafael Estrada, member of the PERUMIN Hub Committee, highlighted the participation of Francisco Cuellar, from TUMI Robotics, and Melissa Amado, from Deep Pit Technology, as representatives of successful Peruvian startups, as an example of what can be achieved when talent and joint work with Peruvian mining, a great laboratory for innovation, and what better than participating in that laboratory hand in hand with allies such as representatives of the world-class mining operations themselves. 

Homar Lozano, director of the IIMP, commented that Peruvian mining is a melting pot and representative of an important diversity, which allows the development of solutions that, if they work in Peru, will undoubtedly work in any international market.

Eder Lagos, from Hudbay, and Luis Carlos Sánchez, from Gold Fields, also participated in the event, and highlighted the importance of innovating hand in hand with the community.

This initiative, which is already in the second stage, has the support of more than 30 allies including entities of the public sector, academia, multilateral organizations and Peruvian innovation centers and countries such as Germany, Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, among others, with which different learning and innovation spaces have been developed with the premise of learning in collaboration. 

To access Matchmaking 2, which ends on May 20, you can do so through the following link:

More information about the program at:

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