Lima, APRIL 8 2022 Peru is a mining country with projection to the future despite the storms, stated Víctor Gobitz

Analyzing the current national situation, the President of the Peruvian Institute of Mining, Víctor Gobitz, stated that the social conflicts occurred in different regions are the consequence of a lack of shared vision in a multicultural country, which suffers from unequal growth, territories not included in the market economy and absence of the State.

“These are hard times for the mining industry and for the society altogether since ultimately it is the citizens who are the most affected by the lack of employment, the fall of investments, the weak growth of productivity, and other aspects. Today, more than ever we need a solid industry”, he stressed during the ceremony presenting PERUMIN 35.

In this regard, the executive called upon the consolidation of alliances between companies, mining suppliers, workers, State institutions, academia and others, to show the world that “Peru is a mining country with projection to the future, despite the storms of the present”, not only relying on its existing natural resources, but also because of the quality of its talented and hard-working people.

“Precisely, the slogan of our PERUMIN 35th Mining Convention is Building together a greater Peru. And I invite you to join efforts and show our society and the entire world that our mining is modern and responsible; that we have cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure; that we work with state-of-the-art technology; that we are committed to the technical training of our professionals and that we promote science and innovation”, he added.

According to the business leader, Peruvian mining distinguishes for its capacity to promote public policies to optimize this industry for an increasingly greater impact on the well-being of our society; hence it is important to encourage a mature debate that puts forward mining as a catalyzer for the development of all the territory.

PERUMIN, the national revindication opportunity

“PERUMIN, developed by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers since 1954, has earned notoriety that enables us to Project that image in Peru and across the world. That was possible thanks to the commitment of our professionals, the activity of the professional group promoted by the Institute, and the fostering of an open and inclusive debate for the development of public policies that are technically and economically viable”, emphasized Eng. Víctor Gobitz.

Finally, he invited all actors who are related to the mining ecosystem to share this vision and form part of PERUMIN 35th Mining Convention, which will be held from the 26th to the 30th of September 2022, at the Cerro Juli Convention Center in the city of Arequipa, after two years of only virtual presentations.

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