CAJAMARCA, SEPTEMBER 17 2021 Pan American Silver joins in the work to close health gaps with institutions and local authorities

This joint work has been yielding results in the welfare of the population.


Pan American Silver has been working together with public and private institutions, local authorities and the population on a permanent basis to try to close gaps in different sectors, including the health sector.

We recognize the importance of health as a starting point for ensuring comprehensive well-being and development in society. In this sense, as part of our commitment and to work together with the populations of our areas of influence, we have been involved in different activities and projects that have allowed us to join efforts to bridge these gaps.

Accordingly, on September 14, the Cajabamba Health Services Network, together with the Cajabamba Support Hospital, recognized in a public event various institutions that have been working in a coordinated manner, among them, Pan American Silver Shahuindo, for their readiness to fight against COVID-19 and their commitment to improve the conditions of the health sector in the province of Cajabamba, Cajamarca region. “The joint work and the intention to continue working together for the Health of Cajabamba make it possible for us to continue meeting our goals,” said the Director of the Cajabamba Health Services Network, Luis Polo.

This work to improve health is also being carried out by other mining units of Pan American Silver Peru, such as the La Arena unit, in La Libertad region, who together with the authorities, and responding to the needs of the COVID-19 Command of the Sánchez Carrión province, delivered a modern Type II ambulance to improve and speed up service times in the districts of Huamachuco, Sanagorán, Chugay, Cochorco, Curgos, Marcabal, Sarin and Sartinbamba. Likewise, the Huarón and Argentum units continue to work together with local authorities on disinfection campaigns in public places and permanent support for neighboring populations.

Pan American Silver reiterates its commitment to work together with all local authorities in bridging these gaps for the benefit of the population. Together we achieve great things.

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