LIMA, SEPTEMBER 23 2021 On.Energy: Intelligent storage systems provide continuous, interruption-free, low cost power supply

"Four major problems afflict the mining sector in the field of energy sufficiency. These have to do with an inflexible infrastructure, grid instability, power outages and high electricity costs", said Alonso Quiñones, Key Account Manager of On.Energy, during a presentation at the Heading to PERUMIN event.

To face these challenges, mining companies are now focusing on intelligent electrical energy storage systems, which take the energy generated by renewable sources and store it in batteries to distribute to the entire operation.

Trends like these are not only observed in Peru, but throughout the world. Furthermore, the World Bank Group anticipates that investment in these types of solutions will increase to USD 1.4 billion by 2025, which will lead to the accumulation of 17.5 GW/h of stored energy by then.

On.Energy is now working on the implementation of its BESS storage system in the operations of its mining clients. In all projects, the results were the same: security of supply, dynamic voltage control and active system decongestion, according to Rafael Acevedo, VP Sales of the aforementioned trading company.

"Our BESS electrical energy storage equipment centralizes its functions in the patented On.Command software, which has a bidirectional controller and a data management system for 24/7 monitoring of electrical and safety variables.

With this, it can also accurately predict when the maximum coincident demand will occur and the time ranges in which the battery will remain on to provide power to the operation", added Alonso Quiñones.

Both speakers agreed that the storage system generates much more stable and balanced grid conditions that allow all areas of the operation to take the energy released by this equipment for their activities.

According to specialists, the BESS system contributes to generating annual savings of up to USD 1 million, from an installed capacity of 5 MW. This was the same result obtained in an open pit mining operation dedicated to copper extraction in Junín, after On.Enery undertook a 20 MW project, said Rafael Acevedo.

Similar success was obtained in the mining operation of a company dedicated gold mining, after the start-up of a 2.26 MW BESS, which allowed having a new installed power of 7 MW, strengthening the electrical system and maintaining the voltage above 0.95 pu and holding the drop in the busbar at 60 kV.

At the end of their talk, they presented as another of the On.Energy company's On Command Solar + BESS integrated solution, which reduces the impact on the environment by 475 tons of CO2 per MW/hour, and generates savings in power, solar energy and backup charges.

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