APURÍMAC, JUNE 30 2021 MTC presents its project portfolio for Apurímac

The head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), Eduardo González, reported that this year's budget for the region amounts to S/ 396 million; of which S/ 231 are for investment projects and S/ 165 for maintenance works.

“The main projects are Evitamiento Abancay, and section III of the Apurímac-Cusco road corridor”, he explained in “Mining for development in Apurímac”, an event held by Heading to PERUMIN.

Regarding the Apurímac-Cusco road corridor, Minister González commented that five studies of investment projects are being prepared for the improvement of roads classified into sections. In the case of the Progreso-Desvío Pamputa section; and Desvío Pamputa-Puente Ichuray, the study is expected to be completed by the end of December this year.

Likewise, he indicated that the current administration is preparing the feasibility studies related to the San Juan de Marcona-Andahuaylas railway. 

“It involves the mass transportation of passengers and cargo in general, including mineral cargo, such as iron, copper concentrate, zinc from the project's area of influence. We are currently preparing a feasibility study and we hope to conclude these studies in the first quarter of 2022 so that the definitive studies can begin immediately. Furthermore, this project must undoubtedly go towards a concession and we are convinced that the profile is vital for the promotion process to begin”, he revealed.

In Headng to PERUMIN, Eduardo González said that in the case of the Andahuaylas airport, this project is close to 60% of land release and that this year it is expected to complete all the land release so that the concessionaire can carry out the committed works.

"We are convinced that Apurímac is an important region for development and that the work we do as a State, together with the private sector, should allow us to develop the economy and connect the lives of all Peruvians", said Minister Eduardo González.

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