Lima, AUGUST 11 2022 Minsur holds zero fatal accidents since 2016

  • The High-Potential Event Management, implemented by Belisario Pérez, winner of the National Mining Award at PERUMIN 34, helps Minsur to maintain zero fatal accidents for the past 6 years.

The “Technology, Innovation and Sustainability in mining” event was held as part of Rumbo a PERUMIN, where Belisario Pérez, winner of the National Mining   Award at PERUMIN 34, presented his work “Rumbo a cero accidentes: Gestionando Eventos de Alto Potencial en minería” [Towards zero accidents: Managing High-Risk Events in Mining] as well as the great results achieved.

With the motto “MINSEGUR: Cero es posible” [MINSEGUR: Zero is possible], Minsur together with BRECA Mining Division are implementing Perez’s proposal to their Health and Safety Management System that includes 20 elements focusing on Leadership, Risk Management, Culture and Health and Wellbeing, paying special attention to the element on High-Potential Event Identification (EAP, for its Spanish acronym).

“Investigating High Potential Events allows us to identify improvement actions. This is why the leadership team reviews the EAP every three months and assesses ways to address them and prevent them from happening again,” explained Pérez.

The system was first implemented in 2016, since then no fatal accident has occurred. As for the critical analysis of High Potential Events, 63 of such events were reported in 2016 and 57 were injuries by accident, while in 2021, EAP decreased to 39 and injuries, to 44.  

This has been achieved through work supported by sensor technology that warns workers if they are performing some of the actions incorrectly, set rules, a training school on High Potential Events, and evidently, a big commitment from the leaders in the organization.

“We are on the top 10 list of the safest ICMM member mining companies of the world,” said Pérez and he added details about the acknowledgment granted by ICMM to Minsur in 2018, when in fourth place; 2019, when in third place; 2020, when in ninth place, and 2021, in fifth place worldwide.

“As Minsur we have the purpose of improving life by transforming minerals into well-being and, on those lines, we are working to eliminate fatalities. Likewise, towards 2030, we have a strategic plan aimed to improve and share our good practices with mining companies in the country, in Latin America and among students,” ended Belisario Pérez.

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