, APRIL 27 2021 Ministers of Production and Environment inaugurate the decentralized Heading to PERUMIN

With the presence of the Ministers of Production and the Environment, José Luis Chicoma and Gabriel Quijandría, respectively, the first decentralized edition of Heading to PERUMIN,   entitled "Southern Mining Corridor: Challenges for the development of the regions" was inaugurated, with virtual headquarters in Arequipa.

This event, organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) and chaired by Dr. Miguel Cardozo, was held on April 27 and also had the special participation of the provincial mayor of Arequipa, Omar Candia.

"Today, the world offers us a great opportunity to join efforts to grow economically through the extraction of metals that Peru has in abundance and whose prices are high due to the growing demand for them to support technological development and clean energy that will reduce the global warming and pollution”, said the president of Heading to PERUMIN.

Miguel Cardozo added that Peru can be one of the protagonists of a joint effort for the health of the planet and the generation of well-being for all Peruvians. Therefore, it should take advantage of the moment offered by its mining industry.

The Minister of Production, José Luis Chicoma, said that to produce the Peru of the Bicentennial requires innovative, inclusive and sustainable production that amplifies its impact in solving the most urgent challenges of the country, and incorporates the most vulnerable, in an environmentally friendly way.

He highlighted the importance of the mining industry. “Mining has stimulated the creation and consolidation of a series of businesses around it. For example, in 2020, mining represented 9.9% of the national GDP, contributing S/. 5.9 billion annually, and with export levels that represent 60.8% of our exports”, he pointed out.

Along this line, he indicated that, in March 2021, Produce launched the "Technological Roadmap for Mining Suppliers", a participatory strategic planning tool, with the purpose of promoting the development of the value chain, through acceleration of innovation processes.

For his part, the Minister of the Environment, Gabriel Quijandría, pointed out that there is currently a global environmental crisis, and that in the Peruvian case it is manifested in the retreat of glaciers and the effects on water dynamics, which require joint efforts to address this enormous challenge.

“In the Andean area, above all, the alliance between the State and the mining sector, in particular in terms of water resources management or the promotion of more sustainable energy transition, like in Chile, is being driven by a strong sector that is the mining sector”, he said.

He stressed the importance of spaces such as Heading to PERUMIN, where relevant issues for the country can be discussed at a high level. The opening ceremony was led by former Minister of Energy and Mines, Angela Grossheim.

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