APURÍMAC, JUNE 24 2021 Minister Waldo Mendoza: "An indebted country cannot have good macroeconomic policies"

In Heading to PERUMIN, the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF), Waldo Mendoza, said that any economic decision that seeks the welfare of the most vulnerable must be accompanied by a good macroeconomic policy and fiscal responsibility.

Similarly, he considered that every country should avoid growing under public debt and higher fiscal spending.

“A very indebted country - Latin American experience is very rich in this regard - is a country where good macroeconomic policies cannot be implemented. Peru has potential and as Minister of Economy I am confident that this country will achieve a good and vigorous macroeconomy, and its resources - coming from that vigorous macroeconomy - will be well used”, he declared.

In the conference “Mining for the Development of Apurímac”, Minister Mendoza also discussed the conditions that the transitional government is leaving for the next administration.

Thus, he stressed that the numbers of COVID-19 patients are falling rapidly and that the vaccination scheme is progressing correctly; which would allow the reopening of more economic activities and the Peruvian economy would begin to grow.

“We will also leave an economy in full growthwith solid public finances; although the challenges in terms of employment still persist”, he mentioned.

Growth projections

Regarding the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the head of the MEF estimated that this year it would grow by 10% and that if this level is achieved, it would be possible to recover what was lost in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For 2022, a GDP of 4.8% is projected and 4.5% for 2023. Everything will depend on the policies that are applied in the next years," he said.

Majes Siguas II Project

In Heading to PERUMIN Apurímac, Waldo Mendoza reported that in the next few days his office will approve the financing for Majes Siguas II; the project will then go to the Comptroller's Office and after that it will be ready to operate.

"We are confident that in the second half of this year this project will begin to be implemented," he said.

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