Lima, MAY 3 2022 Mining regions in the center of Peru will have received US$ 113 billion by 2050

By 2050, the Peruvian State will have collected over US$ 758 billion from the mining activity, 15% (US$ 113 billion) of which are to go to the regions in the center of Peru, claimed Jorge Acosta, director of Mining and Energy Resources of INGEMMET.

“Thanks to the high production volumes and the boom of mineral commodity prices, the departments of central Peru received more than PEN 300 million as fiscal redistribution (canon minero), royalties, and license fees and penalty,” he said at Rumbo a PERUMIN – Consensuses for the progress of central Peru.

The official highlighted that Pasco, Junín, and Lima Provinces accounted for 14.8% of the production of copper, 44.4% of the production of zinc, 48.6% of the production of silver, and 64.3% of the production of lead in 2021.

He also mentioned that the country’s central macro-region holds 10.8% of Peru’s proved and probable copper reserves, 31.2% of the zinc reserves, 32.9% of the silver reserves, and 27.8% of the lead reserves.

“This means that, based on the central region alone, if we look at all its reserves and year 2021’s production, the lifespan of the mining activity could be between 4 and 12 years,” he pointed out.

We need to keep encouraging explorations

Aldo de la Cruz, vice-president of operations of Volcan mining company, underscored the need to promote investments in mining explorations to exploit the potential of the metallogenic belt of the Central Andes.

“If we find a potential deposit and we bring together the State, the private sector, civil society and academia, we could have the perfect conclave to turn Peru into a developed country with minimum poverty levels,” he expressed.

In addition, he recommended taking the Convergence and Good Energy-Mining Practices Center (Rimay) to all mining areas to help form clusters of operations and mining suppliers in the center of Peru.

Fiscal redistribution bolsters scientific research

On the other hand, Gilmar León, head of the Mining Engineering Department at Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú mentioned that this university receives 26.9% of the amount allocated to the region of Junín as fiscal redistribution.

“One of our university’s achievements in 2021 was to patent the electrical energy inspector robot, which is an example of the research projects that we finance with the contributions from mining,” underlined the professor.

Furthermore, he said that a framework agreement has been signed between the university he represents and Chinalco mining company to help professional students do internships at the Toromocho operation.

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