ÁNCASH, OCTOBER 28 2021 Mining is key to achieving territorial competitiveness in Ancash, experts say

During the panel of the "Territorial Development Plan and Regional Competitiveness" block, held on the second day of the Rumbo a PERUMIN event, Áncash edition, the participants highlighted the need to improve the level of competitiveness of this mining region, in order to improve its economic growth, affected by the pandemic.

A first point was made by the president of the Private Competitiveness Council, David Tuesta, who reported that -according to the Regional Public Management Index-, Ancash has failed to execute 36% of its budget, which on average amounts to S/. 1 billion.

"This non-executed budget could have been applied in the execution of 718 kilometers of asphalted roads, which represents almost 9% of the unpaved departmental and neighborhood road gap. In addition, this unexecuted budget would represent some 277 first level health centers and 7 second level hospitals," he explained.

He also emphasized that mining is a key activity for the region's competitiveness and added that the use of resources from this activity and from the private sector, in general, must be made transparent.

To this end, he announced that the Private Competitiveness Council will propose the creation of an authority for the management and execution of unused fiscal redistribution (canon minero) resources. "The decentralization of the regional governments must be promoted, but resources cannot be allowed to remain unused", he stressed.

The Regional Manager of Economic Development of Ancash, Jose Mendoza, revealed that the Regional Government of Ancash is finalizing the preparation of the "Regional Competitiveness Plan of Ancash".

"This plan has been worked jointly with the CCD and the support of Antamina. In addition, this plan seeks to recover the bases of regional competitiveness affected by COVID-19 and regain productivity and economic growth," he stated.

 Avoiding political instability

On the second day of the decentralized "Territorial development and mining in Ancash" event at Rumbo a PERUMIN, the president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of the Province of Santa, Juan Villarreal, emphasized the need to achieve political stability and governance.

"If we achieve political stability and governance, the objectives of competitiveness will be attainable. Without such stability, our hands will be tied by uncertainty whether private investment will be there to carry out different projects," he said.

He also stressed the importance of disseminating the actions taken by mining companies for the benefit of the population.

"The good social responsibility support that mining companies have must be informed to the population through good community relations, enabling us not to break this link between mining-population-State," he said.

Hugo Salazar, Regional Coordinator of the Ancash Roundtable for Agreement and Fight against Poverty, stressed the importance of continuing the fight against corruption.

"We need to strengthen our democratic system because we know that corruption is a scourge that we must overcome. We have been working hard on public integrity policies through the secretariats of public agencies, to strengthen transparency in public institutions," he said.

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