APURÍMAC, JUNE 24 2021 Minem closes the second decentralized event of Heading to PERUMIN

The Minister of Energy and Mines (Minem), Jaime Gálvez, participated in the last day of the conference “Mining for the Development of Apurímac”, which was held within the framework of the decentralized event Heading to to PERUMIN - Apurímac.

" Despite the pandemic,  mining has not stopped and has regained momentum. In addition, it has had enormous collaboration with the State and regional governments with the support of oxygen", he said.

Minister Gálvez also highlighted that, despite all the efforts made by the mining sector, social conflicts still persist; for this reason, he stressed the need to build a "common project".

"I think we need to build a common project, plan the development of the territory with the people, listen to them more, be more open to their suggestions, be more present on the side of the central government and thus I believe that together we can move not only mining forward, but also our country and each of our regions," Minister Jaime Gálvez said.

For her part, the president of PERUMIN 35 Mining Convention, Claudia Cooper, highlighted the need to achieve greater consensus.

"We agree that we need to improve education, health, agricultural productivity and connectivity. This will not be possible without growth, which is what generates the resources for these investments, and growth is not possible without private investment, which in Peru represents 80% of the total. In order to attract private investment, it is essential to remove uncertainty and for this we need consensus that allows us to generate the long-term rules of the game," she said.

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