LIMA, SEPTEMBER 14 2021 Minam Awards Komatsu-Mitsui with its Second Star for Carbon Footprint Verification

In recognition of its commitment, respect and appreciation of the environment, Komatsu-Mitsui Maquinarias Peru, was awarded the Second Star of the 'Carbon Footprint Peru' Program of the Ministry of the Environment, a recognition system that, at this level, certifies that the company validated its initial carbon footprint measurement with an accredited entity.

“It is a greatly satisfying to have been awarded the second star of Carbon Footprint Peru by the Ministry of the Environment. This achievement fills us with pride, especially in this ongoing context of the pandemic, and it motivates us to continue working in line with our sustainability strategy, which prioritizes our commitment to caring for the environment. The next step is to achieve the Third Star by the end of 2021” said Mirtha Rodríguez, Corporate Director HSSEQ and Sustainability of Komatsu-Mitsui.

In 2020, Komatsu-Mitsui obtained the First Star by calculating its carbon footprint, and this year it achieved the Second Star by verifying its footprint with an NTP ISO 14064 accredited entity. These advances are the result of the implementation of the 'Environmental Roadmap', designed within the framework of its corporate sustainability strategy focused on the management of four pillars: Social, Environment, Diversity & Inclusion and Integrity.

Komatsu-Mitsui’s environmental management strategy includes work on four fronts: Greenhouse Gas Management (GSE), Circular Economy, Energy Efficiency and Water Management. As part of its 'Environmental Roadmap', the company expects to reduce water consumption by 30% at its Callao plant. They are also working to obtain, by 2022, the Blue Certification granted by the National Water Authority, a recognition to companies that successfully fulfill the commitments made in measuring and reducing their water footprint, as well as shared value projects for the benefit of the communities in their areas of influence.

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