APURÍMAC, JUNE 23 2021 Kallpa: Mining has a widespread culture of reinvesting its profits

In his presentation at Heading to PERUMIN - Apurímac, Kallpa SAB Capital Market Manager, Ricardo Carrión, recalled that the cycle of high prices of the 2006-2011 period was transformed into an investment of USD 35,000 million between 2011 and 2015, thanks to which copper production in Peru rose from 1.2 to 2.5 million tons of fine copper.

“Today we are repeating the cycle of high prices and we can predict the reinvestment of profits in new production units that will allow us once again to double copper production and reach the desired level of production of 5 million tons of fine copper by the end of this decade”, he said.

Likewise, during his presentation, the Kallpa SAB Capital Markets manager emphasized that mining has an extended culture of reinvesting its profits.

“We must bear in mind that the mining companies do not take 100% of the profits; on the contrary, they save and accumulate cash to be reinvested later and for this reason, trust in the country must prevail”, Ricardo Carrión underlined.

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