Lima, MAY 3 2022 Jorge Merino: “Opportunity of copper demand must represent an opportunity to bridge gaps”

  • “The energetic transition indicates a substantial growth of copper demand worldwide”, pointed out Jorge Merino, former Minister of Energy and Mines


The energetic transition is a necessary process to mitigate global warming and support development. In this process copper is an essential input, the demand of which may mean a great opportunity for our country as the second world copper producer.

Jorge Merino explained this in his presentation “A modern mining, with high productivity, pro-development and sustainable” during the first workday of Rumbo a PERUMIN, Central Peru Edition.

“Chile and Peru concentrate 40% of the world copper reserves; the mining business is a cost-based business and in Peru, we have a generous mountain range that can make us much more competitive”, he stated.

In this scenario, Merino explained that it is necessary to reach consensus with the entire society.

“Peru must be a country friendlier with mining exploration, I believe it is a matter of political will, and to understand that it is for the common good. I consider that it is the moment to generate consensus among four basic actors: the private sector, the academia, the State and the civil society”.

Mr. Merino also introduced a historical look at the benefits that privatization of large-scale mining brought to the central region.

“The Privatization of Mining brought income of more than US$ 2,800 million and investment of more than US$ 46,000 million, becoming a significant driving force of national development”, he said.

All in all, he indicated that in the past 30 years, the mining industry in Peru has received investment amounting to US$ 60,000 million.

However, Mr. Merino regretted that aside from the economic growth achieved by the country thanks to the contribution of the mining industry, there are still socio-economic and infrastructure gaps in regions of central Peru, which translates into their respective levels of quality of life.

“It is not possible, for example, for the Human Development Index (HDI) of regions like Junín to be around 0.5, in Pasco, less than 0.5 and in Huancavelica, 0.4%”, indicated the ex-Minister of Energy and Mines.

He concluded by stating that special attention should be given from the mining sector and from the State, to the management of water resources and basins. He further stated that a sustainability vision with shared value should guide the actions aiming at a circular economy and support to agriculture.

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