LIMA, SEPTEMBER 23 2021 Intech: Operation, maintenance and energy costs affect pumping equipment profitability

The total cost of the life cycle of pumping equipment depends on various factors, but the most important are the operation, maintenance and energy costs, which must be evaluated in detail by the technical and commercial team of the mining client, according to Agustín Valentín, Key Account Manager of the INTECH company.

He said that energy costs are made up of the projected cost for the energy required to operate the system, including the pump starter, controls and any ancillary services. In addition, they are affected by the energy tariff available in the field.

Regarding operating costs, he explained that these include the labor cost of normal system supervision and routine inspection controls.

He also specified that maintenance costs include repair costs and the costs of the personnel in charge, spare parts costs and costs of routine and preventive work.

"We must evaluate all the cost overruns that may be generated in the operation during the life cycle of the pumping equipment. Determining these costs could help us to have better returns in relation to the initial acquisition investment", commented Agustín Valentín, during his participation in Heading to PERUMIN, on the subject of «Generating Value in Pumping Solutions through TCO: Total Cost of Ownership».

Communicating efficiently about these costs to the client will require a tool that allows visualizing all those components or factors that are involved in the evaluation of the total life cycle cost of the pumping equipment, such as energy, operation, maintenance, downtime and environmental impact costs.

In this sense, he said that INTECH has developed a "very powerful" spreadsheet that displays and compares the costs involved within the period of operation of the equipment they represent as opposed to the costs of the competition.

Competitive costs

This same spreadsheet was used to compare the proposals of INTECH's pumping solutions and two other brands on the market for a mining client's project, considering a 20-year timeline for the useful life of the equipment.

"In this 20-year proposal comparison, the installation and commissioning costs were the same for all competitors; however, our maintenance and repair costs were much lower and the costs for lost production and downtime were zero, making them more suitable in critical applications such as mine deepening ", said the engineer.

On paper, the total costs of INTECH's pumping systemover a 20-year life cycle, amounted to USD 8.9 million, with energy costs of USD 7.7 million and maintenance cost returns of USD 284,000. The offer was more competitive than the rest and the project was awarded.

Presence in mining

 "We are a company that provides highly reliable equipment because they comply within the work cycle, with the expectation required by the client and under the capabilities indicated in the technical information. That is why today our centrifugal pumping equipment is found in 80% of the mining companies in Peru", said Agustín Valentín.

 INTECH is a Peruvian company with 25 years of experience in the marketing of pumping solutions for the mining, industrial, fishing, agriculture, oil and energy sectors. It also has a test bench for equipment up to 300 HP.

 Its business activities are divided into the following categories: pumps, electrical electronics, mechanical seals, compressed air, projects, oil and gas, and firefighting systems.

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