LIMA, SEPTEMBER 23 2021 Ingemmet: The metallogenetic map is a powerful exploration tool

The most important geological reference book in mining in our country is the metallogenetic map, whose rich content brings together the entire the metallogenetic history of the distribution and typology of deposits, and the geological units related to their genesis, said Luis Quispe-Renteria, Head of the Metallogeny Program of the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute (INGEMMET).

During the conference cycle of Heading to PERUMIN - Bicentennial Edition "Competitive and Sustainable Proposals for the Development of Peru", he commented that this document dates back to the middle of the 20th century with the first studies by the engineers Fernando de las Casas and Pedro Hugo Tumialán, in 1967.

From that date onwards, the speaker said, it has undergone several modifications. Its last update started at the end of 2019. Today, the Metallogenetic Map presents the Peruvian orogen at a scale of 1:250,000 and a total of 63 quadrangles.

Quispe-Renteria explained that the development of the Metallogenetic Map begins with the compilation of geological information and the different types of mineral deposits in a given study area. Next, the database and cartographic documents are prepared; then the preliminary maps are made; a field control is then carried out for the analysis of samples; finally, the Metallogenetic Map is prepared in its final version, accompanied by the respective explanatory note.

Now in its official edition, the Metallogenetic Map presents seven major components with information related to geophysical, structural, geochronological, tectono-statigraphic and geochemical aspects, as well as the distribution of mineral deposits, types of mineralization, commodity elements and the size of these by each quadrangle, through which it will be possible to define and identify areas with exploration potential.

In this way, he stressed that the Metallogenetic Map "is a powerful tool that will serve to promote mining exploration in our territory, thus becoming a versatile document that facilitates the integration and better understanding of geological information, as well as the events that have been precursors and generators of mineralizing processes".

Ingemmet is a specialized public technical agency of the Peruvian energy and mining sector. Its objective is to oversee the ordinary mining procedure, including the receipt of petitions, the granting of mining concessions and their termination according to the causes established by law, ordering and systematizing the georeferenced information through the National Mining Cadastre, as well as the administration and distribution of the Right of Validity and Penalty.

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