, APRIL 26 2021 IIMP will analyze the proper use of the canon and mining royalties

This block will be held on Wednesday April 28 within the conference cycle "Southern Mining Corridor: Challenges for the development of the regions" and will feature a presentation by the former Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, and current director of Videnza Consultores, Milton Von Hesse.

After the presentation, a panel of experts will discuss the topic in order to provide participants with a more complete view of the use of the mining royalty and canon.

It should be noted that this panel will be made up of the director of the School of Law of the Catholic University of Santa María, Juan Carlos Agramonte Mostajo; the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Finance of the Universidad del Pacífico, Carlos Casas; and the president of the Alliance for Works for Taxes, Darío Zegarra Macchiavello.

Transfers to the regions

According to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, so far in 2021, Arequipa has received more than S/ 111 million in transfers generated by the mining activity carried out in the region. Of this total, more than S/ 37 million were from mining canon transfers; more than S/ 73 million from royalties and S/ 112,854 from validity and penalty rights.

Meanwhile, the transfers generated by mining activity in Áncash were around S/ 315 million. Of that total, more than S/ 238 million came from the mining canon; S/ 76 million were obtained from royalties and S/ 69,000 came from the payment of validity and penalty rights.

Social network streaming

The talks scheduled for Wednesday, April 28, will be streamed through:

- PERUMIN Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeruminOficial/

- IIMP Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IIMPOficial

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