Cusco, AUGUST 25 2021 Hudbay: Encouraging Greater Equality and Diversity in the Mining Sector

The mining company has been working on a training program for mining operators and a university scholarship program for young people from Chumbivilcas and the Cusco region.

Actions speak louder than words. Aware of this, Hudbay created the diversity and inclusion program "Our Voices" that seeks to provide leadership in mininging to attract, develop and retain the best talent.

Hatun Warmi training program

Hudbay is aware that the participation of women in the Peruvian mining sector is still very low (around 6% of total workers), which generates a disadvantage for the industry since the talent of many women who demonstrate the same qualities as men for working in mining is overlooked. For this reason, it has been taking actions that contribute to the increase of female participation within the sector.

This year, the mining company has implemented the “Hatun Warmi” (Great Woman) program, aimed exclusively at women from the communities surrounding the Constancia Mining Unit who have an interest in learning to operate mining equipment. Having received theoretical and practical classes to obtain their operating license, the 12 participants are currently in the mine, where they will receive six months of technical training to operate this equipment, and be given a financial subsidy during this period. In addition, they will participate in workshops by CETEMIN to strengthen soft skills. This training will enhance their skills in the labor market, so once they graduate, they will be part of Constancia Mining Unit’s HR base and will be recruited according to the requirements of the company. They will also have the power and capacity to work in other mining companies. 

Scholarship program: Opportunities for young people from Chumbivilca and Cusco

Additionally, the company has a scholarship program through which it will annually finance undergraduate studies for four students in careers related to mining in two modalities:

  • 02 scholarships for young people (men and women) from Constancia’s area of direct influence.
  • 02 scholarships for women from the Cusco region with high academic performance.


This not only covers the academic costs of the semesters, but also provides the participants with the technological equipment and study materials they require, as well as other related costs.

Hudbay is aware that it is important for the private sector to contribute to closing these gender and education gaps that exist in the country and to promote diversity, as this generates enormous benefits such as having different opinions, perspectives and approaches to problem solving, attracting the best talent and greater efficiency in decision-making.

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