LIMA, SEPTEMBER 20 2021 Hitachi ABB Power Grids highlighted the advantages of electrical substations for mining

The spokesperson Joao Blotta participated in Heading to PERUMIN to highlight the impact of electrical energization substations in mining sector’s various applications.


As part of the Heading to PERUMIN conference program, Joao Marcos Blotta, Hitachi ABB Power Grids Electrical Substation Sales Manager for Latin America, said that the mining sector is a challenging market due to its high quality levels and special environmental conditions, its high degree of protection needs for equipment and its risk implications for the health and safety of its workers.

In this regard, he mentioned that electrical substations, in their mobile and prefabricated versions, provide greater reliability and operability in these challenges and trends in the mining sector. "They are complete substations, mounted on metal platforms in trailers or metal containers. They include all the necessary integral equipment that arrives at the field ready and tested to generate great benefits".

He specified that mobile substations are used in emergency or seasonal situations, depending on the time of year and in regions with high energy demand. "Their use has grown in recent years to serve as an energy source during the period of preventive maintenance and repair without losing load limitation, in places where space is an obstacle or where the land acquisition price is very high, and also during the planning and construction phases of substation to anticipate and guarantee eventual energization".

Focusing on the mining market, he explained that electrical substations have various development possibilities, whether to move loads such as excavators, provide power to ferries, build tunnels, among others. "There are regions where some mining companies are located where there is no availability of electric power or there is an infrastructure that does not support a reliable power grid capable of serving mining loads. So our solution is very versatile with different types and needs of use", added Joao Blotta.


During his participation in Heading to PERUMIN, the executive highlighted that Hitachi ABB Power Grids’ electrical substations are delivered ready and tested in their factories to speed up their commissioning in the field at the mining center. "It has great flexibility of use and works optimally in those sectors of the industry where loads are not fixed during its total cycle of operation, such as mining," he said.

In another part of his presentation, he exemplified the case of the Skid-mounted substation, whose structure is mounted on rapid deployment skids and is ideal for connection to the grid, allowing it to satisfy the electrical load needs of public utilities or private clients.

He also referred to the prefabricated modular substation. Regarding this power plant, he explained that it minimizes the need for civil works, shortens installation times, reduces the amount of equipment and supplier interfaces, and allows earlier activation, thereby reducing risk exposure and creating a safer work environment.

"All our solutions are aligned with land availability for equipment deployment; they are robust and ready for any type of environment; they are easily scalable and relocatable; their handling and transport is simple; they have a simplified management interface. But the most important thing is that it greatly reduces any risk situation that threatens the health and safety of workers and the environment", he concluded.

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