LIMA, MAY 27 2021 Heading to PERUMIN opens its doors to electoral proposals

In the current electoral context, the Heading to PERUMIN organization considers it important to know the proposals of the candidates for the presidency of the Republic. For this reason, the two political parties competing in the second electoral round were invited to present their proposals; However, the representative of the technical team of Peru Libre today excused herself from participating.

During his presentation, the member of the Technical Team of Fuerza Popular, engineer Rómulo Mucho, announced some of his measures for the sector; as well as his vision of the current situation of the mining industry.

He mentioned that for the exploration activity, a new regulatory model is required to provide speed, agility and ease in the environmental assessment procedures.

Regarding small-scale and artisanal mining, Mucho indicated that a new legal framework would be developed and that Law No. 27651 of 2000 would be repealed. 

“The legislative decrees issued by former Presidents Toledo, Humala and Kuczynski have not worked. Currently not even 2% of the miners have been formalized. If we are intelligent we must review what has not worked. Furthermore, the formalization must be permanent”, he said.

He also raised an incentive for the national jewelry sector that would seek to create jobs. "Gold must never again leave as a raw material, we must implement refineries. Perhaps the gold should not come out as doré. We would also be adding value".

Similarly, he commented that with regard to territorial management, the proposal would be to draw up development plans for the targeted areas with coordinated support from the three levels of government.

"It is necessary to catalyze territorial competitiveness under a public-private multi-actor approach, investing in infrastructure projects and focusing on strengthening capacities in the area of operational influence. This must be a State policy. Furthermore, it is important that people understand that mining is not a problem, but a solution," said Rómulo Mucho.

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