, APRIL 21 2021 Heading to PERUMIN Event: The mining sector invites candidates to present their proposals

  • Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori have been invited to be part of this event that will take place on April 27, 28 and 29.
  • The objective of the executive committee is to debate their proposals regarding the mining industry

The Executive Committee of PERUMIN 35 invited the presidential candidates of the second round to participate in a virtual event Heading to PERUMIN, which will take place from April 27 to 29 in Arequipa. This is in order for both contenders to present their proposals and policies for the development of mining in Peru to the mining community and public opinion as a whole.

The event, whose central theme is "Southern Mining Corridor: challenges for the development of the regions" will address issues related to the social and economic impact of mining for Arequipa and the macro South region, as well as its contribution to the crisis situation generated by the pandemic. Along the same lines, an analysis will be presented on the development of new mining projects in the pipeline and opportunities for territorial development around clusters and productive chains.

"PERUMIN has always been characterized by promoting spaces for the exchange of ideas and open dialogue around the development of mining in Peru. We hope that both Pedro Castillo (Peru Libre) and Keiko Fujimori (Fuerza Popular) can join us at the event. It is a good opportunity to reflect on their proposals for the mining sector and how to multiply their effect on the well-being of the population", said Víctor Gobitz, president of the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers.

The event will have daily sessions of two hours each (from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm) and will be streamed live on the social networks of PERUMIN and the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers, as well as through other associated networks of regional and national scope. It will have the participation of national, regional and sectoral authorities, national and foreign speakers, mining professionals and technicians, academics, students, among others.

"Considering that mining is a fundamental tool to overcome the current economic and social crisis that our country is going through, it is important to know what both candidates propose. We need a consensual policy for the development of the industry that aims to generate growth and well-being for all Peruvians" said Miguel Cardozo, president of Heading to PERUMIN.

It should be noted that the virtual event coming from Arequipa is part of the program of activities Heading to PERUMIN, Bicentennial edition "Generating prosperity for Peruvians". It consists of decentralized sessions, which include not only Apurímac, but also the regions of Arequipa, Áncash and Cajamarca. The objective of the program is to promote spaces for dialogue on the role that the mining industry should play in the context of crisis generated by the pandemic and with a view otof achieving, in the longer term, sustainable territorial development throughout the country.


PERUMIN is the most important mining event in Latin America and is considered the second most important mining event globally, which, together with the role our country plays as a producer of various metals, has positioned Peru as a meeting point for the mining industry. This is due to its high level of attendance, which involves international delegations, government authorities, representatives of companies, professionals and technicians in the sector, members of the academy, etc. Heading to PERUMIN establishes a program of activities for the 35th edition of the Mining Convention, which is scheduled to take place in September 2022.

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