Lima, MAY 5 2022 Governor of Pasco, Nexa and UNDP will be opening the round of presentations on the last day of Rumbo a PERUMIN – Central Peru Edition

Today, Thursday, is the third and last day of Rumbo a PERUMIN – Consensuses for the progress of central Peru, an event where government authorities, leaders of the business sector, civil society, and academia will get together to analyze and discuss the challenges and proposals leading to the development of the central regions of the country.

The event starts at 6 p. m. with presentations by Pedro Ubaldo Polinar, regional governor of Pasco; Francisco Santa Cruz, UNDP’s coordinator of Peru’s Human Development Reports; and Ricardo Oporto, CEO of Nexa Perú.

Next, there will be a discussion panel featuring Jhoel Rivera, president of the Federation of Community Businesses; Carlos Loret de Mola, CEO of Lifesystems; Pedro Laureano, former prefect of Pasco; and Carlos Yupanqui, dean of Daniel Alcides Carrión National University.

Then there will be a block of presentations entitled “Environmental liabilities: experiences, challenges, and opportunities,” which includes talks by Antonio Montenegro, general manager of Activos Mineros; and Marita Chappuis, consultant on environmental, economic, and mining affairs.

Afterwards, a panel featuring the latter two presenters, along with Álvaro Barrenechea, vice-president of the Peruvian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and congressman Carlos Zeballos, will discuss the information previously presented.

Finally, the closing ceremony will be led by Claudia Cooper, president of PERUMIN 35; Abraham Chahuán, president of IIMP; and Jean Paul Benavente, regional governor of Cusco.

To watch the activities of this important event, follow the official accounts on social media:



About Rumbo a PERUMIN

Rumbo a PERUMIN is a decentralized space for discussing the national mining agenda and development opportunities for the communities of direct influence, the regions, and the country in general.

With the slogan “Consensuses for the progress of central Peru,” Rumbo a PERUMIN will focus on the mining regions of the country’s central macro-region, particularly Pasco, Junín, and Lima Provinces.

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