APURÍMAC, JUNE 24 2021 GORE Apurímac makes a call to modify the rules in order to speed up public investment works

During his participation in Heading to PERUMIN, the regional governor of Apurímac, Baltazar Lantarón, considered it necessary to review the regulations that allow regional governments to carry out public investment works.

“We have regulations that make public management difficult and we have regulations on contracting with the State that involve administrative and judicial processes; for this reason, in Apurímac we are executing the large percentage of public investment works by direct authorization, thus generating agricultural, educational, and basic sanitation infrastructure, among others; in addition, we also generate regional growth through small and medium-sized companies”, said the governor.

In turn, the director of Videnza Consultores, Milton Von Hesse, considered that although public investment has been a factor that has allowed the growth of the Peruvian economy, he pointed out that attention must be paid to private investment, especially mining.

“In the case of private investment, especially in mining where we have a pipeline of USD 15 billion that could be consolidated in a short term and in a longer term could reach USD 50 billion. This contributes to growth and development,” said Milton Von Hesse.

For his part, the Manager of Corporate Affairs and Business Development of Las Bambas, Carlos Castro, mentioned that thanks to the presence of mining activity, other sectors such as construction and services have been boosted.

“Las Bambas provides Apurímac with a contractual royalty of 3% of sales and more than S/ 1 billion have already been transferred for this concept. Furthermore, with Las Bambas, mining employment in the region increased more than 3 times and more than 7 times in the construction phase,” said Carlos Castro.

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