LIMA, SEPTEMBER 20 2021 Gonzalo Quijandría: Minsur has helped the most neglected sectors during the pandemic

Gonzalo Quijandría, director of Corporate Affairs of Minsur took part in Heading to PERUMIN to explain the sustainability strategies in education, health, water and family economy.


In times of pandemic, Minsur has emerged as one of the most important allies in the development of the communities settled around its tin, copper and gold mining operations, through a series of projects that involve investment in three lines of work: health and nutrition, for early childhood development; education and skills, for competitiveness and job employability; and productive economic development, to generate self-sustaining economic income for families.

This was emphasized by Gonzalo Quijandría, director of Corporate Affairs of the company, during his presentation "Generating value through sustainable mining", as part of the keynote speeches of Heading to PERUMIN.

Based on these three aspects, Minsur has proposed immediate and high-impact actions to address one of the highest priority sectors: education. The company designed and executed the VOLAR program to train more than 2,260 children and young people between 0 and 17 years old and 210 community actors in child development methodologies and best educational practices.

"At this particular juncture, the company has delivered 1,940 tablets and 620 laptops to children, young people and teachers, has installed 30 Wi-Fi internet points in schools where this service was not previously available, and has implemented 2 television stations with digital signal to access the distance learning program Aprendo en Casa", he said.

One of Minsur's most recent forays in the educational development of communities was reflected in the region of Ica. Here,  he was the protagonist in the remodeling of the Higher Technological Institute Luis de las Casas Grieve, in the district of San Juan de Marcona.

This project had to wait 14 years to become a reality and it was inaugurated a few weeks ago. The work was developed through the Works for Taxes mechanism with a total investment of S/ 32 million. It now has the capacity to provide education to 1,260 students per cycle and teach up to 7 higher technical degrees, with state-of-the-art technology. "This specialized education center can turn Marcona into a regional education hub in the country," said the executive.

Health donations

Another of the sectors hardest hit during the difficult context of the pandemic was health. In this regard, the mining company participated in various sector funds to make a national donation of 650,000 Covid tests, 60 mechanical ventilators, 28 oxygen plants, 1,300 oxygen cylinders, 532 hospital beds and biosafety equipment. It also contributed to soup kitchens to guarantee the food security of their inhabitants, through the social program Hombro a Hombro (Shoulder to Shoulder).

"Minsur has provided support at the social level and to its communities of influence during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, above all, it has prioritized the most neglected sector in this context: education. We have complemented the action of the State and included other equally important elements such as safety culture and health and we have been doing this through the VOLAR program, with training given through tablets and radio programs broadcast in the areas where we operate", said Gonzalo Quijandría.

Water consolidation

Regarding the water and sanitation infrastructure projects for the areas of influence, the mining company’s Corporate Affairs Director highlighted the construction of a comprehensive water and sewerage system, a catchment system and their respective treatment plants. All this was developed through the Works for Taxes mechanism and with an investment of S/ 11 million. He explained that this work gives 2,500 families access to a quality drinking water system 24 hours a day. It is currently managed by the municipal sanitation company in partnership with Minsur.

"We have also developed hydraulic infrastructure and water consolidation projects for the storage of 2 million m3 of harvested water in 304 family reservoirs, 34 communal dams and 400 kilometers of rustic canals with irrigation systems. At the same time, we have enabled 2,000 hectares of pasture land as part of a livestock program that includes genetic improvement and market articulation, which has allowed a 30% increase in the income of 1,076 livestock families in Puno", concluded the representative.

A fact

Currently, Minsur is part of the Breca Group and has 44 years of experience in mining that have involved a growth and diversification of operations including the exploitation of tin, copper, gold and polymetals. It is the main supplier of tin in the Western Hemisphere and has a portfolio of innovation and transformation projects in its units, being a global benchmark for sustainability and the only Peruvian company that belongs to the International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM).

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