Lima, JULY 15 2022 Energy with purpose, Energía Peruana is solidifying its plan to help the community

Demonstrating its deep commitment to social responsibility in different sectors of society, Energía Peruana SAC has implemented various projects to contribute to society, as is the case of the alliance that is being managed with the Instituto Superior Técnico Pedro P. Díaz in Arequipa to provide training in generators, temporary emergency power and compressed air for its students in the specialties of Mechanics and Electronics. This will contribute to the professional technical training of students, expanding their possibilities of developing in the labor market in sectors such as large-scale mining, oil and gas, and agribusiness, among others.

Furthermore, we have been able to identify the need for temporary emergency energy in critical processes of some social assistance institutions, such as:

1.    Hogar de niños especiales San Benito de Cottolengo in Arequipa

2.    Asociación de Bienaventuranzas in Lima

Our help consists of providing them with temporary emergency power support at no cost, through our generators to mitigate in a sustainable way the effect that sudden power outages have on the care of children, particularly those who are in a critical state of health, as is the case of the vulnerable children's ward of the Hogar de Niños Especiales San Benito de Cottolengo, where electricity is vital for their care and well-being.

Energía Peruana SAC, reiterates its commitment to help wherever it is needed, providing temporary emergency energy in assistance institutions for the most vulnerable population within its area of influence

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